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Fiction among Robin & Co is the foundation of the company’s expansion. With the success of Camera Café (2001 - M6), Kaamelott (2005 - M6) or Soda (2011 - M6), the group became a reference regarding short programs but is not limited to. In addition to offering talents a new window of free expression with Access (2018 – C8) for Ahmed Sylla, productions are juggling between TV specials (Tout Contre Elle, 2019 – Arte), primetime series (Chefs, 2014 – France 2) and short-length series (Loin de Chez Nous, 2016 – France 4). TV fiction grows up around three subsidiaries. 


Our first audiovisual subsidiary. Nowadays, it caries Marc Stanimirovic's TV projects such as our development with Radu Mihaileanu for Canal +.


After having produced Chefs in 2014, Xavier Matthieu created his own label in order to develop his primetime fiction projects. Moloch, first creation in 2020 for Arte, won the award for the best screenplay at Festival CanneSeries.


After having produced series and TV specials under the label Calt production (Hero Corp, Vous les femmes, La dernière échappée, Des jours meilleurs, Loin de chez Nous, Access, …), Hervé Bellech launched his new subsidiary Calt Story in 2020. 


This new subsidiary starts with a bang with two shootings announced for early 2021 for TF1 and France.TV among many others projects ongoing with new editors. 

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