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My Girlfriend

2013 I Comedy I 60 x 3' + web series 15 x 1'

By Francesca Serra, and Edouard Pluvieux

Calt Production
With Clémence Bretécher, Camille Cottin, Amélie Etasse


Joseph (30) has just moved in with his girlfriend, Margaux (28). It’s his first serious relationship and he soon finds out that, on a daily basis, girls are not what he imagined them to be. Joseph’s bachelor friends – a bunch of night owls – sneer at him for letting himself be “domesticated”. To prove them wrong and explain to them what he’s experiencing and discovering, Joseph decides to follow Margaux as she goes about her daily life (looking through her wardrobe, at her friend’s house, watching a film, having breakfast, at the supermarket, trying to keep her New Year’s resolutions, with her parents...) and make a kind of mini-documentary, filming her completely objectively in her natural habitat.

Broadcast on HD1
My Girlfriend


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