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2015 - 2016 I Drama I 2 seasons - 14 x 52'

Produced by Arnaud Malherbe

Calt Studio
With Clovis Cornillac, Hugo Becker, Anne Charrier, Nicolas Gob, Robin Renucci, Annie Cordy


Each year, the Chef, a sacred name and a monster in French gastronomy, saves a job in his brigade for a young delinquent on probation, giving a hand to an ex-convict in fond memory of his own youth’s mistakes. Romain, a 25 year-old locksmith whose sentence has been reduced landing in the restaurant Le Paris, speeds up the destiny of a brigade in full turmoil.
It is the story of his struggle to belong, his rite of passage towards a lightening rise to success. Among betrayals, conspiracies, family conflicts, thwarted loves, the Chef won’t be left unscathed.

Created by Arnaud Malherbe and Marion Festraëts.

Original series distributed by France TV Distribution.
Format rights distributed by Calt Distribution. Broadcast on France 2


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