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All Against Her

2019 I Psychological Thriller I 1 x 90'

Produced by Gabriel le Bomin, after the work of Tatiana de Rosnay

Calt Production
With Astrid Whettnall, Patrick Timsit, Sophie Quinton, Lucy Ryan


Hélène (Astrid Whettnall) is a rich and attractive woman cheating on her husband Henri Dewallon (Patrick Timsit), a CEO with political ambitions. One afternoon, her lover accidentally dies in her arms.
Panicking, she flees the apartment, forgetting her bag. The deceased’s housekeeper, Alice (Sophie Quinton), finds it and contacts Hélène. A very strange blackmail takes place between the two women...
All Against Her is freely adapted from the book «Spirales», written by Her Name Was Sarah’s acclaimed novelist Tatiana de Rosnay.

Written by Gilles Taurand and Gabriel le Bomin.

Produced by CALT Production with NOON and BELGA Films.
Broadcast on Arte
All Against Her


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