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The Amateurs Saison 1

2022 I Comedie I 6 x 30'

Directed by Fred Scotlande

Calt Studio
With François Damiens, Vincent Dedienne, Fanny Sidney, Anne Benoit


Vincent Piquet and Alban Burne, two losers, see their dull existence turned upside down when, following a misunderstanding, they find themselves embroiled in a case that goes beyond them and propelled into the world of organized crime. It's the start of a crazy, chaotic race, in which they do everything to save their skins, in one perilous situation after another, without ever ceasing to squabble.

Producers : Xavier Matthieu, Jean-Yves Robin, Pierre-Marie Gadonneix, Géry Leymergie
The Amateurs Saison 1


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