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Hero Corp

2008 - 2017 I Web series I Comedy I 5 seasons - 66 x 26'

Based on an original idea by Simon Astier and Alban Lenoir.

Calt Production
With Simon Astier, Alban Lenoir, Sébastien Lalanne, Gérard Darier, Agnès Boury, Jennie-Anne Walker


Hero Corp is a superheroes comedy featuring never-ending adventures, with characters evolving in a humorous environment. Following the war which broke out in the 80’s, the Hero Corp Agency was created in Montréal. The Agency? Nothing but a cluster of unconventional superheroes aiming at maintaining peace against all odds!
20 years after…the rejected pariah superheroes isolate themselves in Lozère, a small and lost French village where the retired and untrained superheroes are cut from the rest of the world and can finally leave a quiet life.
But soon, a danger from the past looms large: the Lord. This is the beginning of a long journey marked with dangers and traps.

Broadcast on France 4 and Game One
Hero Corp


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