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Times Are Tough

2013 I Comedy I 15 x 26'

Produced by David Freymont

Calt Production
With Anne Roumanoff, Martin Matte, Claudia Tagbo


Fabrice used to own a growing architect firm of architects, that filed for bankruptcy because of a big customer’s defection. He falls into depression. He is 300,000 Euros in debt and all the efforts he makes to find a job seem vain. His wife Anne, who has a degree in journalism, hasn’t been working since the birth of their children, and needs to radically change her comfortable lifestyle and to look for work.
By becoming Claudia’s assistant, one of her best friends who’s a journalist in a news channel, she rediscovers the tough reality of the world of work: “work harder to earn less“.
A new situation that will completely turn upside down the family life.

Performed by Anne Roumanoff and Martin Matte

Written by Anne Roumanoff, François Avard, Olivier Mikael, Florian Gazan, Fabrice Blind, Louis-Philippe Rivard.
Broadcast on Comédie+

Times Are Tough


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