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Better Days

2017 I Comedy I 2 seasons - 90 x 3'30"

Produced by Amir Shadzi

Calt Production
With Marilyn Lima, Léon Plazol, Edouard Damestoy, Anne Depetrini


Welcome in the world of our heroin: Charlie, a High School teen aged 16, fond of skateboard, rebel and smart, a bit too much maybe for her environment: Her cronies? Two boys with whom she can dream about their free adult life, once they reach majority and are able to leave the fold. All three await Better Days far from their dull countryside, ignoring they may be living the most carefree and funniest slices of their life…
Our series is split into episodes of 4 minutes, which can be seen as short modern family chronicles, swinging between the points of view of adults and youngsters.

Artistic production : Frank Bellocq

With the support of the New Aquitaine Region
Broadcast on France 4
Better Days


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