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Paris 16

2009 I Sitcom I 80 x 22'

From Claire Alexandrakis, Jean-André Yerles

Calt Production
With Alexandra Naoum, Baptiste Caillaud, Didier Menin


Lorène Maréchal, a young orphan looking for her real dad, ends up venturing herself in the world and life of three wealthy Parisian families, the Cipriani, the Saint-Faye and the Kervadec.
Those three families share a real Empire, that of Carialise, a ship owner company, run with no scruples but with great success. Well determined to trace her unknown and genuine father, pushed by her sincere and idealistic spirit, Lorène soon runs up against the Parisian golden youth. She is overwhelmed by a world where appearances and pretence are the master-words. Lorène elbows her way among luxury and the cynism of richness, but she quickly unveils the realities of torn families, where revenges and secrets are more than ever at the core of relationships.

Broadcast on M6
Format and scripts adaptable
Paris 16


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