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The Bougons

2008 I Comedy I 10 x 52'

Produced by Sam Karmann.
Broadcast on M6

Calt Production
With Patrick Bonnel, Cathy Bodet, Olivier Broche, Vincent Debost


The Bougon family are a cheerful and endearing bunch of rogues living on the fringes of society who devote a great deal of time and energy to thinking up “legitimate” schemes and scams to save themselves the bother of working. The Bougons are dropouts who no longer believe in Mankind; they are vultures, scavenging on society’s leftovers. They are dirty, vulgar, dishonest, belligerent and uneducated… but happy.
Although often put to the test, their family solidarity is the force behind all of their actions.
The Bougons breakfast on sarcasm, lunch on derision and dine on cynicism. Meals taken without the smallest pinch of scruple!

Adaptation and dialogue by Pierre Colin Thibert and Frédéric de Nexon from the original texts by François Avard and Jean-François Mercier and based on the work "Les Bougon, c'est aussi la vie".

Coproduction GMT
The Bougons


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