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2013 I Police Procedural I 6 x 52'

Created by Franck Philippon and Xavier Matthieu based on an original idea from Kader Aoun

Calt Production
With Jean-Yves Berteloot, Marc Ruchmann, Cyrille Thouvenin


Bloodhounds is an action-packed police series in which the investigation – a classic “Whodunit” - revolves around a manhunt. The heroes of this series are the members of a special unit of huntsmen, who intervene as soon as an arrest warrant is issued in France. Many of these warrants are for suspects, presumed perpetrators or crucial witnesses in on-going criminal investigations. Each time, these fugitives represent the missing piece in a puzzle that our investigators have to complete in order to solve the case and accomplish their mission.

Broadcast on France 2


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