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Morocco From Above

Directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand & Mickael Pitiot.


90 minutes I 2017


Morocco is a high-end premium documentary of Yann Arthus-Bertrand on Morocco, shot exclusively from the sky. Just like Mediterranean prime time in June 2014 on France 2, this documentary makes us discover that wonderful country from a brand new point of view, on the occasion of the COP22 (November 2016).

Morocco is a gigantic fresco, elaborated around a trip among the flagship sites of the country. This travel goes through history, territories and humanities to draw an accurate portray.
The camera carries us from one picture to another, from the dry coast to the fields with industrial complexes, from the cities to small villages. Each time, several visions are combined and intermingled putting forward a unique physical geography, full of diversity: nature, the earth, the fields, cultures, wadis and valleys, mountains, the dry and the green of the plains, cereals as well as durum wheat.. What the sky lets us discover is how a country’s wealth is with no doubt coming from its land and from the humans working on it.

Broadcast on France 2 in June 2017
Produced by Hope Production

Morocco From Above


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